We goed to England this autumn vacations to improvise my english skills.

Vera and me was very happy with this rise to England. And Vera has a power lock that is blowing in the wind.

A typical hollandish firetower.

A typical hollandish flag.

The pretty countryside of Netherland.

The pretty leftside of my girlfriend.

North See

The sunrice.

The night before I eated the most expensive dish of my live.

But I was a lot of seesick.

I ordered to become a beefstake.

But before I became that stake I had a pre-meal; a seefoot salad.

But that I breaked...together with half of my 4 Euro expensive glass of Cola.

At leest there was planty of room for my stake so. But Vera found the evening not so cozy with me being sick.

The window coasted 40 euro extra. I would have photoed the hole cabin but i don't not owen a makro objective.


Our chip in the backlight in the Port of Tyne.


The is maybe the new castle the city is about.

Maybe is a funny word. Because it may be in April although. Or in June.

A men at the High Level Bridge.

A Vera on the same bridge.

The Tyne bridge.

The concert hall The Sage Gateshead was builded by the well none architecht Sir Norman Foster.

We had quite lucky with the wether.

Vera in da hood!

Newcastle was quite beautifully. We didn't not accpect that.

We just comed there for the boot trip. But the acrhitechture, here with the Millenium Bridge was pretty grate.

The Baltic is a Art Gallery know. It yoused to be a mill.

A black and white photo. Without no colours in it.

The bridges over the river Tyne and a lantern.

A shield that tells you were too go when you don't not now it.

Also the son was being shining it was quiet cold the hole day.

Because eating on the chip was so expensive we eated at the subway in Newcastle and buyed some sandwiches for the chip although..

That was much sheeper end there was no risk that i break it out again imidiately.

For me it was the threeth time im England.

Vera although has been been two time in England jet.

Shortly before the bus leaved to Tyne again we goed too the city center again.

A job I wood not like to do. Holding a shield. Like in the middle ages.

Waiting for the bus to cum.


In Newcastle I have buyed very much DVDs and CDs that I can't not buy in Netherland.

Vera was not allowed to ride the conveyor. She finded that very sat.


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